Everything you need to know about hot leads for business

Lead is actually a potential customer who is interested in a service or product for a particular company or business.

For example next to an accountant is a person who is interested in accounting services, for an attorney next to it a potential client who is interested in attorney services, etc.

The purpose of the lead recipient is actually to close a deal and make a sale.

How do you know if the leads are good or not?

Ask the questions! A strong and constant flow of incoming leads is a significant and important part of any “sales funnel”.

As more and more businesses use digital marketing and promotion tools that help create the same steady stream of leads, new challenges arise in customer recruitment processes and convert those leads into real deals.

The more deals are closed from X leads that a company has received, the more economical the purchase of leads will be. It is usual to calculate the conversion ratio between the amount of leads and the amount of transactions actually closed.

Effective lead filtering – there is such a thing

The clearer and more understandable the advertising is to the browser, the more leads you will receive.

Many advertisers formulate tempting but not real ads in order to entice the browser to leave details.

The highest quality leads for a business are inquiries that came following a friend’s recommendation, the so-called “friend brings friend”.

When we receive a recommendation from a friend, our level of trust in the business is high and the chances of us closing a deal are very high.

Hot and Cold is not just a children’s game

There is such a difference between cold leads and hot leads. Let’s start with the hot leads, hot leads are leads that a browser leaves you details in the digital assets of the business directly, without the involvement of a third party or through one database or another.

Usually these will be the highest quality leads you can get from the different types of leads however it is important to get back to them quickly and every day you wait with a call back to them they may already be closing with the competitors of the business.

Cold leads are leads that are not necessarily interested in the product or service of the business but that you can obtain them indirectly.

For example: companies as games, social networks and other companies that collect information about users and sell this information. When the brochures that purchase the information start calling customers and interest them in their products.

We at SMPS Marketing specialize in recruiting hot leads that bring results.



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