How to recruit sales representatives

The manager of a telemarketing center that deals with sales knows how difficult it is to recruit quality sales representatives and those who will really give their heart and soul to the company.

Apart from the difficulty of recruitment, it involves high financial expenses, both in terms of the cost of training, payment to the recruitment company, advertising the job and not to mention time and resources.

Does only experience be couted or should we consider additional parameters as well? 

Turns out yes.

SMPS Marketing experts explain:

Talent and not just experience

One of the myths that is worth shattering about recruitment is experience in a specific field. Center managers are often looking for sales representatives with experience in the field in which the company is engaged. For example, a real estate company is looking for a salesman with a background in the field. This is a mistake, because a good salesman must first be talented and have the ability to face quite a few challenges and objections, and of course meet high goals.

A representative who sells himself

A resume can be impressive, but let’s go slowly, it’s important to feel the rep know if he’s really capable of selling himself, or just telling resume stories. During the telephone or frontal interview, ask yourself whether the representative sold himself? Is he enthusiastic? Taken over the conversation in an interview? Has he discovered a certain creativity? Or even kept his composure and shyness? These features are very easy to detect already in the first phone call, which can be a preliminary filter.

How he uses his experience or sales skills

As we said, it does not matter in which field the candidate has gained experience, or if he has experience, but what he brings to the field and how he uses his experience / sales skills. Bottom line, ask the representative how his or her experience can serve his or her actual role, what he or she learned in the field in each previous position, and so on.

Get down to resolutions, gently

To understand who is sitting in front of you, you need to ask the right questions. However, it is important to choose the exact questions and get down to resolutions, but in a way that will not exhaust the candidate. 

These questions can be; When you sold in your previous job, what was your average commission in relation to all the representatives? What was the average of the closures of relative to all? 

It is also recommended to ask for proof or recommendations from the candidate.

A candidate who is less successful will most likely say “I do not remember”, “I may not be remembered”, “I have no idea what the numbers are” and all sorts of other excuses.

We, at SMPS will help you recruit sales people who will bring you results.



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