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Improving sales processes for businesses that want more

Establishing a sales system is an action that must be done in accordance with the characteristics of the business and in full accordance with the competitive environment in which it operates and the relevant target audiences regarding it.

Therefore the establishment of sales arrays, in all types of businesses, it is recommended that you do through business consulting services in which the goals of the service can be defined, as a need to establish a sales array tailored to the needs of the business.

How to properly build the sales process?

Building the right sales process involves 4 steps:

Understanding the sales process – ‘mapping’ the process that takes place today. Outline the entire process. Who are the partners in the process, what are its stages, what happens at each stage.

Sales process analysis – the process must be examined in depth, for example to accompany the sales people, talk to customers, talk to leads that have not matured into a purchase.

Identifying Barriers – A price example, can be a type of barrier of course, but usually the barriers are more complex: trust in the brand or salesperson, and more.

Rebuilding the sales process – based on the information gathered and rebuilding the sales process, in a way that matches the company’s capabilities and desires.

Improving sales processes – the first steps

Build a sales call script (but stay flexible)Do not treat every call as a whole new process, it is important that the subjects you convey to the customer are based on a script. Despite the existence of a call script, it is important that you remain flexible and adapt the things you say to the client.

The first phone call with the customer – the points that are important to pay attention to during the call are: to understand who the customer is, why he contacted you, what his past experience working with companies in your field, what his expectations are, etc.

Working with a CRM system – a computerized and smart system for customer management. It is not recommended to create too many fields in CRM so as not to overload you and not to create unnecessary information. CRM will ensure that your sales process is consistent.

Proper follow-up – the term follow up refers to the entire sequence of relationships with customers – both to create new customers and to retain existing ones. The marketing craft does not end with the initial recruitment of the customer or after the purchase of the product / service, but quite the opposite.

Mirroring Customer Success – One of the most powerful sales tools is other customers who recommend you. Even in cases where there is no customer opposition, it is important that you mention your record and the fact that there are many other customers who recommend you and you can refer to them if necessary.

Like many processes in your business, the sales process also requires repeated testing to get the best results. A professional company like SMPS Marketing may give you effective tools to improve the process and better results.


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