About – SMPS Marketing

SMPS Marketing was founded in 2017 and specializes in improving organizations and companies’ sales processes. The company offers a wide variety of sophisticated solutions that coincide with this new business era, and are in complete correlation with organization’s character, requirements and activity. The company aspires for excellence and provides creative solutions, while keeping the client absolutely involved at every stage.

Who are we and what do we do?

In addition to its expertise in sales processes, SMPS Marketing is a leading company in the field of lead generation from a large variety of sources, in varied fields, and a selectable array (hot or cold). The company had a rich experience and plenty of successes in lead generation for real estate, investments, finance, digital, as well as leads for funds and governmental institutions. The company ensures quality leads and works in full transparency with the client.

The Founder

The head of the company is Mr. David Galperin, who has over twenty years of experience in marketing and digital campaign management, data management and business development of sales array in large-scale companies. Throughout the years, Galferin has consulted hundreds of companies that have thrived and succeeded. He has also written the book “A Haredi Mindset” – advertisement basics for the Haredi community, sold in and out the community.

Our Specialization

SMPS Marketing specifically specializes in providing solutions for sophisticated sales processes. The service is provided from real estate and investment companies, finance companies, advertisement firms, foundations, governmental institutions and more. The company provides a lead generation service per request, Data Management Services for organization, consulting and assisting through call center construction, and building professional sales processes.

The Human Capital

The company’s team is comprised of a variety of specialists from different fields, including world-renowned marketing experts, analysts, data specialists, advertisement and sales experts, organizational consultants specializing in business development, projects managers and customer service. Each and every one, without exception, have a high customer-service awareness, and work with a sense of personal responsibility, commitment and uncompromising professionalism.

The Methodology

SMPS Marketing works according to a meticulous methodology, beginning with a personal meeting with each client for characterization, customer need identification, and finding sales solutions, as sophisticated as they may be. The goal is achieving a fruitful collaboration and tailor an array of flexible and focused solutions for each client, to proudly catapult their organization ahead.