Quality Leads for Businesses

SMPS Marketing is a leading company, providing quality leads for businesses, from a large variety of sources, in varied fields, and a selectable array (hot or cold). The company has a rich experience in generating leads in real estate, investments, finance, digital, as well as leads for foundations and government bodies. The company makes sure to provide top-quality leads and operates in full transparency.

What is a lead service for organizations?

First, we should explain that a lead is information of a potential client, such as the client’s name, phone number and email.

In the modern business world, buying leads has become a central sales tool for recruiting new clients in organizations and businesses alike.

When it comes to buying quality leads for businesses, the quality of the lead and its criteria are of the utmost importance. What is a quality lead? A quality lead is one that receives a short-response time; that is, the client would have left their details, and those were received by the business owner for further treatment. On the other hand, there are leads that have been collected a long time before. This, however, does not mean that they are not useful; they could be used for other businesses, such as charity foundations.

Other criteria relate to the matter of exclusivity. That is, if the lead has been given to one business owner, or to several in the same field. An additional criterion refers to what the web browser has seen before having left their details. That is, have they left their details after reading a landing page/article specifying the service/product. If they have, the lead would be ‘riper’ for the sale.

The benefits of quality leads through SMPS Marketing

Purchase the number of leads you require

Monthly retained option

No need to invest in advertising and marketing, a team of experts does that for you

משפך שיווקי

Selecting leads according to budget

Team provides quality and monitored leads

Generating leads that are an essential tool for increasing your sales

A variety of lead type, all you need to do is choose

SMPS Marketing is here to provide you all types of desired leads, chosen from a wide array of sources, such as focused databases, online campaigns and more. The company knows how to generate quality leads, absolutely tailored to the client’s requirements, the nature of the product or service.

SMPS Marketing offers a complete array of services, including data management and sales processes building, to allow each organization to optimize its effective use of each lead and convert it into a paying client. The service includes building a CRM system, assistance in hiring sales representatives, building call scripts, data management and more.


Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect "

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