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SMPS Marketing accompanies, and consults call centers, from the very first stage of planning, and all the way to an active and selling call center. The consultation services are extremely thorough and provided by a highly-experienced team who has guided dozers of call centers that have grown and became a success!

Call centers are the beating heart of any organization or business, which is why it is important to invest in building a strong base at the very start. In turn, this would allow you to reap the fruits for many years to come. Throughout our consultation, we will build a correct hierarchy, while providing hands-on management tools for your call center and its human capital. The result is a sale-producing call center.

What does SMPS Marketing service include?

Accompanying and consulting through selecting your computer service providers, servers, CRM telephony, defrayal, and more

Matching the tools and technologies for distant work

Accompanying through sales processes automation

Tools for recruiting quality staff, both managers and sales representatives

Providing professional training for managers and representatives

Building employee sales compensation and bonuses

Building sales representatives call scripts

Working with a CRM and producing reports

The service includes an ongoing consultation, while relating to the following parameters:

Data-Based Decision Making

Improving call script, feedback for lead generating system, human resource adjustment, and more

Monitoring Recorded Calls

Analyzing a sample of recorded calls from all representatives, and summarizing the insights to make decisions

Activity Reports and Conversions

A weekly analysis of activity reports and the call center’s conversion according to different segmentations: sales representative, products, lead source, and call script; and optimization accordingly.

We at SMPS Marketing believe that a good cell center starts at a strong foundation, while perfectly adjusting to the changing organization needs. This foundation will lead to a correct sales process, profit increase, and an organizational synergy.

SMPS Marketing offers a complete array of services, including lead matching or quality PPC tailored lead campaign management, allowing you to enjoy full coverage for promoting your organization’s profitability. The leads are provided from different sources, on a variety of fields and types (hot or cold), at customer’s selection.


The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team”

Phil Jackson

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