Data Management Services for Organization

SPMS Marketing specializes in Data Management for organizations and companies and assists in building a list of potential clients for mailing, text messages and newsletters. The company works studiously to gather high-quality data through a wide range of designated tools, along with data management that would allow the company to use the data wisely and boost sales.

What is data and why is it necessary for boosting sales?

A database is comprised of potential client details, to whom you can mail different marketing messages, or contact via phone, and transform the database into profit growing tools. The data contains information such as emails, phone numbers, ages, gender, addresses, income levels, political tendencies, and other data on the potential client to whom we’d like to send marketing messages. In fact, data serves today as a powerful sales tool and should contain a client database that is suitable for the target audience of the organization’s product or service.

What is included in SMPS Marketing’s Data Management services?

Data Collection

- Locating a data program, and implementing it into the organization for an easy and efficient management
- Collecting the necessary data for managing data found on the organization’s online activity (social media, newsletters and more), offline data and existing organization data


Managing the data and the information collected, while incorporating unique tools, and organizing the information in an easily accessed system, for decision making or initiated addresses of clients on the database.

Data Analysis

- Analysis that reveals new data, while identifying processes and phenomena we may not be aware of.
- Through the information, we can make future predictions, that is, what is expected to happen in the future?
- Analyzing activity and answering questions, that is, what is the sequence of actions we can take to achieve the desired outcome.

Data Based Decision Making

Based on the data and information we receive; we can make decisions. For instance, should we develop a new product or let another product go, etc. The information can vary and influence future decisions regarding the organization’s profitability.

To complete its service, SMPS Marketing builds an organized work plan using the data, to optimize its use to increase sales. The goal is to convert as many listed potential clients into paying clients. The company builds sales processes, prepares call scripts, training for sales representatives, implementation of advanced automation tools, and more


"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data"

Sherlock Holmes

תמונה מקדמת ציטוט תיווך לידים

Data is the 21st century’s treasure trove – wield it in your company’s best interest and profitability!

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