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SMPS Marketing specializes in PPC campaign management for lead generation, tailored to the nature of the client’s activity, the target audience and the brand’s values. The company manages quality and unique lead generation in a variety of marketing horizons, from all types of social media, through sponsored google ads, to news website banners, outburn, Taboola promotion and more. We have one goal – generating quality leads of clients ready to buy.

The company’s experience in lead generation across different marketing fields, allows clients to enjoy a complete service that entails creative, unique graphic designs, and a full analysis of the advertising efficiency and ROI. All these will allow your organization to receive hot and designated leads, and thus, significantly increase sales.

The benefits of running a lead generation through SMPS Marketing

An emphasis on building quality campaigns generating excellent leads

Specializing in generating leads in complex fields

Monthly retainer option

Constant optimization of lead quality according to cell center feedback

Pay for leads – if you don’t receive any, you don’t have to pay

Exclusive leads sent just to you

Full monitoring of the campaign’s efficiency to decrease the lead rate

Specializing in lead generation with a high-success rate

SMPS Marketing offers a complete array of services, including data management and sales processes building, to allow each organization to optimize its effective use of each lead and convert it into a paying client. The service includes building a CRM system, assistance in hiring sales representatives, building call scripts, data management and more.

The SMPS Marketing team is comprised of marketing specialists at the highest level, guiding each client, hand in hand throughout the way, in full partnership, aspiring for excellence to provide quality leads. We would like to invite you to meet us in order to consider establishing a long and fruitful mutual collaboration.


Content is fire, social media is gasoline.”

Jay Baer

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