Effective data management for businesses – this is how you do it right

The challenges of managing and analyzing big data have become a major concern in information technology as well as in the business world, while embracing digital technologies and competing for degrees of innovation, and not in vain.

While many organizations are still debating whether they should enter the field, others are already making their way to building a successful big data strategy and the results speak for themselves.

The challenges involved in data management are only growing: how to select the relevant data and how to manage it, how not to waste valuable resources working in the cloud and what perceptual change will developers have to go through?

Problems and Solutions in Defining “Data”

What are the three problems that automotive companies face and what is the solution:

Work efficiently

The sheer volume of data stored and processed in the cloud, along with the endless storage capabilities of this tool poses a major challenge of creating a development environment that is Cost Effective.

The solution: To avoid unnecessary spending, preliminary research and an in-depth examination of available tools and advanced technologies are needed, which can significantly lower costs.

Defining what is “interesting” data

One of the significant challenges in dealing with huge amounts of data is, defining what is the interesting data, for the specific model that uses it,

Possible solution: various tools in the field of AI enable fast processing of diverse data, on a large scale.

Focus only on what is relevant

Even after the filtering has been done and the interesting cases to learn about have been selected, the remaining amounts of data are still enormous. As a result, the additional challenge is the proper management of this data:

How to sample from it?

How to draw conclusions?

Solution: The infinite capacity in the cloud requires proper planning and accurate management of the data. Working with cloud data in a distributed way requires a good data architecture to query efficiently.

How does data management help me promote my business?

A study by business magazine Forbes showed that 64% of executives strongly agree with the statement that data-based marketing provides a competitive advantage in deciding how to deal with other companies operating in the same field.

Studies show that marketing teams that regularly use data-based marketing are 57% more effective at generating a positive return on investment (ROI) in their work.

All these facts and figures point in the same direction:

Data-driven marketing is the way to break ahead and the key to increasing the number of satisfied and loyal customers of the company – now and in the future.

Samps Marketing specializes in data management for organizations and companies, in a way that will allow the company to use data wisely and increase sales.



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